"Party building+property", a new innovation management model of Qingdao Property Office

2018-08-12 10:57

Peninsula reporter Li Xiaofang

On September 11th, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Administration that communities, industry committees, and property management, as the three important forces in grassroots social governance, straighten out the relationship between the three, clarify the responsibilities of the three parties, and build a close, harmonious, reasonable, and efficient work model, which is an important measure to effectively solve the problem of property management in urban basic governance. Qingdao Property Office has innovated the new management model of "Party building+property".

In order to effectively establish and improve the property service management system at the district, street, and community levels, the municipal property office and the district and city property management administrative departments regularly study major issues related to the owner committee and property service management. At the same time, it is suggested that the street party (industry) committee will guide community party organizations to focus on the establishment of owner committees and property service enterprise party organizations and the construction of linkage service mechanisms. The community party organization will also include the owner committee and the party organization of the property service enterprise into the scope of grid party building, and promote all parties to form a joint force in Community Governance.

Strengthen organizational guidance and strengthen policy guidance. In order to strengthen the leadership of the Party over various organizations, the functions of the district, street and community levels were further clarified. Through the district level guidance to the subdistrict offices to carry out the party building and business work of the industry committees and property service enterprises, timely coordinate and solve relevant contradictions, and effectively promote all parties to form a joint force in Community Governance.

Strengthen ability guidance and improve work efficiency. Improving ability is the key to solving problems and resolving disputes. Therefore, the Municipal Property Office has conducted in-depth research on key and difficult issues in property service management, strengthened its ability guidance, and adopted practical and effective measures and methods to promote the industry committee and party building of property service enterprises to overcome difficulties. In the process of social governance, it is necessary to have the ability to professionalize, do mass work, and provide classified guidance, giving full play to the subjective initiative of property management parties, such as regularly organizing policy and regulatory training, and improving professional literacy. In dealing with property management issues, each district/city property office will guide the street, community party organizations, neighborhood committees, industry committees, and property service enterprises in coordinating the interests of all parties, handling complex issues, and mediating various disputes, mastering negotiation methods, grasping major contradictions, and learning to act in accordance with the law, making the process of negotiating and resolving issues a process of improving negotiation ability.

Strengthen mechanism guidance and explore long-term mechanisms. In order to ensure the reasonable, stable and efficient operation of the work, we will establish and improve the multi-party linkage operation mechanism under the leadership of the party organization, actively explore the long-term mechanism for the industry committee and property service enterprises to integrate into Community Governance, establish and improve the supervision mechanism of coordination between departments, comprehensively build a property service management system characterized by the leadership of party building, and build a "four in one" community management mechanism, namely, the community neighborhood committee, the owner committee Property companies jointly discuss affairs, coordinate and interact with community management mechanisms, and give full play to the core role of party organizations. At the same time, we will deepen discussions between various organizations and the broad masses of residents to jointly build, jointly govern, and share, so that the grassroots party building system and the property service management consultation mechanism can organically connect and interact in a benign manner.

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