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Shandong Xinkexin Urban Construction and Development Co., Ltd is located in Yellow River Delta, the youngest land in China, an emerging oil city in China - No. 7-1, Haihe Road, Hekou District, Dongying City. It is a young, knowledgeable and professional enterprise. The company was founded in July 2012 with a registered capital of 88 million yuan. In addition to the third level qualification for landscaping, it also has the double first level qualification for sanitation and cleaning, and the third level qualification for municipal utilities and road lighting, Mainly engaged in landscaping projects; Road cleaning; Cleaning, collection, and transportation of domestic garbage; Installation and maintenance of road facilities; Municipal public works; Urban and road lighting engineering; Cleaning, collection, transportation, treatment, disposal and management of public toilets and septic tank.
Company business philosophy: strive to create a cleaner and brighter living and working environment! "Integrity" is the guarantee of the company's success; "Customer first, reputation first" is the company's purpose; "Providing accurate services, maintaining customer interests and image" is the company's unswerving goal. Company scale: With professional project managers and project management personnel, sufficient talent reserves, and a professional training system. The company currently has 46 garbage trucks, sprinkler trucks, suction trucks, road cleaning vehicles (motorized, electric), and other related equipment and tools. The company has a project department, production department, operation department, financial department, business department, office, personnel department, etc. Business scale of the company: Hekou District Road Cleaning and Garbage Transportation, Yihe Town Urban and Rural Sanitation Integration, Xinhu Town Resident Road Cleaning and Garbage Removal Project, Heze Mudan District Urban and Rural Sanitation Integration Cleaning, Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone Road Cleaning Project, Lijin County Diaokou Township Road Cleaning and Garbage Removal Project, Hekou District Gudao Town Road Cleaning and Garbage Transportation Project, S312 Provincial Highway Cleaning Project, and Hekou District Housing and Construction Bureau More than 10 companies including Hekou District People's Hospital, Hekou District Oil District Office, Sinopec Shengli petroleum engineering Co., Ltd., Fuhai United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Hekou District Development Zone Management Committee, etc.

Survival by quality and development by reputation


The company has always adhered to the purpose of "survival by quality, development by reputation", and adhered to "people-oriented, harmonious development". Taking corporate culture as the development carrier, strengthen internal strength, establish external image, enhance core competitiveness, and achieve harmonious, healthy, and rapid development of the company's various undertakings. Adhere to the values of "high standards, high quality, and high taste"; Celebrating the corporate spirit of "teamwork, innovation, self-reliance, and discipline"; Strive to cultivate a "rigorous, pragmatic, efficient, and disciplined" work style; Vigorously building a corporate ethics of "dedication, integrity, innovation, and collaborative communication" and striving to create a brand new company image are reliable guarantees for the company to achieve economic and social benefits. The company will use advanced business concepts, brand concepts, and quality concepts to create a harmonious environment between people and nature, and to contribute to the beautification of our homeland. The company's vision is to strive to become a first-class enterprise with "customer satisfaction, employee pride, and social recognition", and is willing to work with all sectors of society to create a better tomorrow.

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